40 Days of Prayer: "Your kingdom come"

Join us as we venture into 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting together, seeking God and asking for His Kingdom here on earth. An introductory letter, as well as reasons for fasting and a daily prayer and scripture guide are posted below.

(See below also for completed prayer guides 1-6)


Your Kingdom Come: 40 Days of Prayer

            Over the next 40 days, we are going to pray through the Sermon on the Mount. When you read the Sermon on the Mount you can’t help but to notice that the Kingdom of God is an “upside-down” kingdom. A kingdom that is “upside-down” from what we naturally think and desire. We are going to dive into the Sermon on the Mount, looking at the upside-down kingdom, and using that to lead us as we pray, “Your Kingdom Come.”


            We invite you to join us by….


Utilize the daily prayer guide to read, meditate on, and pray through the Sermon on the Mount. These prayer guides will be released weekly. They will be handed out on Sunday mornings, placed on our website, and shared through our Facebook page. The prayer guide was put together by six individuals who have been working hard over the past months to prepare for these 40 days. As a result, you will find that each day has a little bit of a different perspective, a different approach or angle. You will find this refreshing and helpful as you go through the prayer guide.


Nightly prayer gatherings. We will meet each evening from 7-8pm to pray together. We will be meeting in the sanctuary at Bethel. We ask that you commit to coming to at least one of these evening prayer gatherings each week. If you are able to come to more, please do so.


Praying with a partner. Over these 40 Days we encourage you to invite another person to pray with you regularly. See the information included in this packet for more information.


Fasting. The desire is that what you determine to fast from would serve you in your praying. Look through the information included in this packet about fasting and ask God to lead you in which way(s) to go about fasting.


            Over these 40 Days we are going to open ourselves up to God. As we come into His presence, we ask that God, through His Spirit, would work in us so that we might grow in seeing and seeking His Kingdom. We invite you to join us over these 40 Days.


In Christ,

Pastor Josh Robertson