Sunday School

Bethel offers Sunday School for all ages throughout the academic year (September through May). Sunday School begins at 9:00 AM—nursery care is provided. 

Together, we have studied the first epistle of Peter, which is a letter written to churches like ours, about a time such as ours. Previously, we have discussed doctrine on Scripture, doctrine on the character and nature of God.

So, join us on Sunday mornings as we unpack and study God's Word together.

Worship Service

Our Sunday worship service begins at 10:30 AM, and typically runs 75 minutes in length. 

Our worship style is a combination of contemporary and traditional. On a given Sunday morning, you can sing traditional and modern hymns, hear preaching from Scripture applied to day-to-day life, and witness a diversity of peoples all and praising God. 

At Bethel, we value the Bible and its entire witness, believing it to be the inspired Word of God. Follow along with us: you can find the messages and notes from our current series by following the link below.

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